This website started as a pet project when the founders finished their studies in finance and started looking for a job.

The past few years the labor market has become more competitive than ever before. Especially in the financial sector most jobs have tens to hundreds of applicants. To be able to stand out you need to excel in assessments, intelligence tests and mathematical challenges.

In our search for a job in the financial sector we had roamed the Internet, searching for websites and tools that help improve your test results. While some websites partially fulfilled our needs we concluded there is no single website with enough free content that met our requirements.

RankYourBrain aims to improve your skills in a fun, competitive and result driven environment. We offer a platform where students, professionals and recreational brain fanatics can improve and track their skills while competing against each other.

Improve your results on mental math tests and IQ tests for free! Create an account and post your highscore on our leaderboards to show off your results!